While I realize that there are easier ways to have a white Christmas, both of mine have been at the South Pole. And much like everyone has their own Christmas traditions, we have ours here too. Possibly the most exciting of which is an amazing dinner prepared by our galley staff; they pull out all the stops and we break out the fancy decorations and even have a ‘fire’ to eat by.

Christmas Day kicks off with the annual Race Around the World. Three years ago, I joined the onesie clad racers (I was a unicorn) in the 2 to 3 mile race (part of which involves going around the geographic pole, thereby going ‘around the world’). This year, I joined the ‘marching band’ (and even won the award for best costume!).

Photo courtesy of Josh Veitch-Michaelis

Photo courtesy of Tim Lynch

The last Christmas I was here, a bunch of us gathered together in the Communications room and sang carols with other stations across the continent. This year we all bundled onto a sled pulled by a tracked vehicle and drove out to the tourist camp that is set up not far from station. Once there, we sang carols before heading back home.

Being away from family for the holidays is probably the toughest part of being here. But thankfully with reasonable internet and understanding family, it is still possible to share in the holiday cheer 🙂

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!