I did it! I climbed Mt Everest one Beer Can (ahem… non-alcoholic vertical tower) at a time! My goal had been to complete this part of the South Pole Triple Crown by Midwinter (June 21) but… best laid plans and what not… As it turned out, it only took just over 2 weeks longer than my original goal which is not too shabby. Of course, I don’t think I would’ve been able to finish it all without my accountibili-buddies completing it with me.

Now that I’ve finished this first part of the South Pole Triple Crown, I am free to focus on completing the other two parts (traversing 835 miles and lifting 1.36 million pounds). It is definitely going to be a challenge to finish everything in the time that I have left, but hey, if I can climb Everest, I feel like I can do anything.