The world is big and I want to get a good look at it before it gets dark. – John Muir

And just like that my time in New Zealand has come to an end. While I have thoroughly enjoyed it, I am excited to move on to the next leg of my journey. It is currently looking like I will be spending just over two weeks at McMurdo before moving on to the South Pole. My time there should be partially occupied by fire response training and some cross training in medical. I am also hoping to complete the outdoor safety training required to go on hikes off station. If these last two weeks are any indication, I am sure that the next two weeks will pass in a blink. I am not sure when I’ll next be able to post, I am told the internet at McMurdo is… not the best. I will leave you all with one of the last sunrises that I will have seen for a long time.

Of course, all of that is assuming that the flight tomorrow is actually able to make it to McMurdo. The flights can often get scrubbed or boomerang (turning around midflight) due to weather. So, we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted!