Reception: “Hi, this is the front desk with a daily amenities call. Is there anything I can get you?”

Me: “Hi, thank you, could I get some more of the instant coffee packets?”

R: “Of course!”

M: “How many can I get?”

R: “Oh, you’re pretty early on in your stay so I’ve just been putting everyone down for ‘a heap’! There’s another term I would use but it has profanity in it.”

I think Kiwis might be my new favorite people.

Kia ora! Greetings from New Zealand!

Last Saturday I boarded a plane that would take me on a 13hr flight across the Pacific to New Zealand for the next leg of my journey. While I was able to sleep some on the plane, plane sleep is never good sleep and I spent a very sleepy Monday (I decided to just skip Sunday entirely, who needs it anyway!) going through immigration and getting checked into the hotel where I will be spending two weeks in managed self-isolation.

What does two weeks of managed self-isolation look like? Well, I haven’t left my room since I checked in (we are allowed outdoor time but I’m fine going without). There are health checks every few days to make sure that I’m feeling well. Meals get delivered to my door three times a day and I receive a daily amenities call from reception to see if I need refills on coffee, tea, soap, milk, etc. (I actually got ‘a heap’ of coffee!).

My room has become my world. And, if I’m being honest, I’ve been looking forward to this. I brought SO MUCH YARN with me to work on projects that I’ve been putting off. I have books to read and tv shows to watch (and all of you lovely people to entertain). It’s like a little holiday from all the craziness that the world throws at us. I think I was made for this.